The Nomad.


I wrote "Lige Børn Leger Længst", first in English as a film script titled "Lost & Found", and then as a novel printed and published by studio denmark and as an e-book. 


I grew up in Denmark in a family of six. Being the youngest and not prone to conform to what the family deemed 'the norm' I dreamed of emigrating since early childhood. Emigrating held the meaning 'to Australia'. Later, I realized one could move and settle anywhere in the world, and it would count as migration. I started with France. Then New York and Los Angeles for almost 20 years and lately Italy for a couple of years. Hence most of my adult life so far I've lived outside my native Denmark. 

I've always written and dreamed of one day being able to do that and nothing else.  I copied my dad who wrote in his diary every day. Since I could hold the pencil and string together sentences, I've scribbled ideas, thoughts, commentary and scenarios in note book after note book. I still have about 5 different sizes og tactile note books lying around at all times. There's something about the written word fastened to a paper page that holds emotions better that typed words or words captured by the mic on the phone. 

I always created images, mostly with a camera. Long before the iPhone I'd be in a homemade darkroom in the bathroom. Later I've had large format Nikon still cameras and Canon video cameras. My favorite lens of all time has been the Nikkor 85 mm f 1.4  lens. Love seeing the world and especial people through that. It destills and captures  a closer look without distorting and going so much under the skin that nothing is left for interpretation. Nowadays I prefer the lightweight nomade style of carrying only my phone.


Feel free to visit my website for photography: and instagram profiles @studio.denmark and 

My next book is told with images and words combined in a way that I think has no genre name, yet.